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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 19, 2011 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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it's monday, september 19th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm linsey davis. >> i'm andrea canning. rob and tanya are off this morning. federal investigators in reno also discovered the stunt plane was equipped with camera equipment and there's a chance there was video showing the final moments of that flight. nine people were killed. also this morning, we're getting new details about the president's plan to deal with the federal deficit. the plan he will unveil today calls for new taxes and what even warren buffett considers a fairer way to tax the rich. later this half hour, what fashions and what staging at last night's emmys in hollywood. we'll showcase the big winners and the great surprises. but first, new clues in the deadly air -- air race crash in reno. the ntsb released this photo. as investigators look over a key piece of evidence in that accident. >> they're focusing on a piece
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of the tail which helps control thw aircraft's pitch. and that's only part of the investigation as abc's david wright reports from reno. >> reporter: think of souped up antique cars flying at 500 miles an hour. high speed, low altitude and no protective barrier for the crowd. that's what made the reno air race so thrilling. until 4:20 friday afternoon. >> this is like a track in the sky without having those protective fences around the spectator stands. >> reporter: these are 70-year-old world war ii fighter planes modified to turn them into drag racers. >> the airplane looks quite a bit different. we cut ten feet off the wings. five feet off each side. >> reporter: in a promotional video, jimmy leeward, the pilot who crashed, described the extensive modifications that made this old propeller plane race as fast as a jet. >> you need those type of speeds. you need jet speeds. >> any time you modify an
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airplane that has been designed for one function to make it do another function, it makes it less safe. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say they saw pieces of the plane's tail fall off as it made its final turn. the photos support that. and there's this picture. taken the instant before the crash. >> there is no pilot's head in that cockpit. it tells me he was likely unconscious, slumped over the controls. >> piecing together exactly what happened is now the task of federal investigators. >> really, our mission is identify what caused it and then make safety recommendations so it never happens again. >> reporter: even some longtime fans of the reno air race now admit in hindsight this was an accident waiting to happen. the national transportation safety board says its most promising clues may come from a forward facing camera mounted on the plane as well as a rudimentary flight data system they've recovered. they've also found memory cards like this, and they say that may give their best answers yet as to those final moments before the crash.
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david wright, abc news, reno, nevada. a weekend charity event at a speedway in tennessee turned deadly for apparently accidental reasons. five people were found dead in a camper yesterday. it's believed they died in their sleep after inhaling carbon monoxide fumes from a generator. the concentration of the fumes was so strong that the people who found the bodies also had high amounts of the toxin in their systems. police in central florida say they're not sure why a man went on a deadly shooting rampage. they say 57-year-old jeremiah fogel shot and killed his wife, then went to a nearby church where he severely wounded two members of the clergy. the gunman was wrestled to the ground and is in custody facing murder and other charges. the two men who were shot at the church are in critical condition. now to the looming battle over taxes. president obama's unveiling a new plan to reduce the federal deficit today. it includes cutbacks in social programs, including medicaid. the president's plans for higher taxes on the wealthy is drawing
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praise from a very rich man. abc's david kerley reports. >> reporter: president obama will try to make warren buffett's name part of the tax law. the oracle of omaha, one of the richest men in the world, has been ranting for years. >> i think that people at the high end, people like myself, should be paying a lot more in taxes. >> reporter: most recently telling americans to stop coddling billionaires, that he and others like him should pay more. >> warren buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. an outrage he's asked us to fix. >> reporter: so the president's fix will be the buffett rule. any american making more than a million dollars would pay at least the same percentage in taxes as the middle class. let's use buffett as an example. his secretary made $60,000 and pays 29% in taxes. buffett made $46 million, but paid only 17% in taxes. about $8 million. now under this millionaire tax, if buffett paid that middle class rate of 29%, he would owe another $5.5 million. republicans aren't buying it or buffett's argument.
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>> class warfare will simply divide this country more, will attack job creators, divide people and it doesn't grow the economy. >> reporter: the white house reaction? how can it be class warfare asking the rich to pay the same percentage in taxes as the middle class? as for the deficit reduction plan the president will announce on monday, he's hoping to cut $2 trillion in the long run. david kerley, abc news, the white house. we're hearing for the first time from dominique strauss-kahn about his sexual encounter with a new york hotel maid. the former head of the imf told french television last night he called the encounter a moral failing on his part but says it did not include violence, constraint or aggression. even though prosecutors have dropped the case against strauss-kahn, lawyers for the woman involved insist she is going ahead with a lawsuit. >> but we are going to pursue that case aggressively. we're going to use all the resources of our firm to hold mr. strauss-kahn accountable. >> strauss-kahn denies the claim by a french writer who came
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forward to say that he tried to rape her eight years ago. and a big sex scandal is also unfolding in italy. and that country's billionaire prime minister is in the middle of it. it involves the alleged sexual exploits of silvio berlusconi. but at this time there are tell-tale tapes. abc's david muir has the scathing details. >> reporter: prosecutors say the calls they intercepted capture the prime minister talking to a businessman. that man already on trial for arranging prostitutes for the prime minister in exchange for jobs and favors from the government. in one call, prosecutors say the prime minister brags of his new year's eve exploits. "last night i had a queue, a line outside the door of the bedroom. there were 11. the prime minister allegedly goes on to brag about the number of women he was with. italians have so far been tolerant of berlusconi's exploits, his notorious parties. the leader already on trial for paying underage women to attend. now, though, the phone calls show prime minister berlusconi agreeing to allow prostitutes
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fly on his state jet and complaining that meetings with the pope and world leaders were, quote, interfering with his other activities, saying he's, quote, prime minister in my spare time. david muir, abc news, new york. >> he's been accused of being a womanizer for years. his wife left him this past may, accusing him of being eye serial philanderer. >> the guy is 74 years old. he's saying he couldn't, i guess, have sex with 11 women, so, instead he had sex with eight women. >> right. >> 74 years old. >> an advertisement for cialis or something, i would imagine. >> viagra, perhaps. let's turn to the financial crisis. it's sparking its fair share of arguments around the world. so check out what happened when the debate heated up in russia. during the taping of a tv show, russian tycoon alexander lebedev delivered a sucker punch to fellow billionaire polansky,
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knocking him off the stage. lebedev neutralized polansky because he didn't want to be hit first. >> i guess that's quite a defense mechanism. hit them first. all right. here's a look at your monday forecast. showers around detroit, cincinnati and louisville. thunderstorms could be heavy at times from houston to birmingham. pop-up showers from savannah to miami. scattered showers in the southwest. thunderstorms from caspar to bismarck. >> 58 in seattle. 77 in salt lake city and 87 in colorado springs. mostly 70s across the midwest. dallas, a warm 86. atlanta, 74. and boston, a fall-like 63 degrees. >> cincinnati hosted north america's largest oktoberfest celebration over the weekend, even though it's still just september. and, really, what would a big oktoberfest celebration be without a bratwurst eating competition. >> it just wouldn't. the ten competitors, all men, by the way, put away 170 brats in just ten minutes.
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and the winner was -- linsey? >> the winner was none other than joey chestnut, who we all know from the famous fourth of july hot dog eating contest here in new york. he gobbled down 35 bratwurst and won $2,000. according to my calculations, that's about $57 a brat. >> wow. >> that's not too bad. >> not bad at all. cincinnati. used to work there. love it. >> did you ever eat brats at the oktoberfest. >> i've been to oktoberfest. i don't recall eating brats. what they slough the chili on the spaghetti. that's the big cincinnati thing. love that. we'll be right back with more "world news now." d news now." we were so blessed when we had triplets. if by blessed you mean freaked out about money. well, we suddenly noticed that everything was getting more expensive, so we switched to the bargain detergent,
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as if cutting the deficit and passing the jobs bill wasn't enough work for the white house, now they are in damage control mode this morning. >> they are trying to spin the reports coming from a new book that paints the white house in
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an unflattering manner. abc's rick klein has more. >> reporter: banks were failing, the dow was tanking, economists feared another great depression. and in the white house, according to a new book by journalist ron suskind, obama's economic team was fighting with itself. a top economic aid, larry summers is quoted as telling a colleague in 2009, we're home alone. there's no adult in charge. clinton would never have made these mistakes. and two female members of this president's senior team sound off about a white house they depict as a boys club. this place would be in court for a hostile workplace, former white house communications director anita dunn says. another top economist, christina romer, says she was sometimes treated like she doesn't matter. quote, i felt like a piece of meat. the white house pushback has been fierce. summers, dunn and romer all say they were misquoted and claim suskind exaggerated incidents. others who were there say the book doesn't ring true. >> you put a bunch of economists in a room, we're going to argue
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and we're going to squabble substantively and we did a lot of that. but at the end of the day we typically came up with a unified recommendation for the chief. >> reporter: the coming days of pushback will be critical for the white house. the president can't afford a perception he couldn't control his own economic team, much less the economy as a whole. rick klein, abc news, washington. >> the white house already on the call this book a combination of half truths and old news all dramatized for effect. >> a critical time. >> of course, and especially dealing with the economy. >> and his poll numbers not looking so good these days. maybe he doesn't need this right now. >> exactly. not the right time. coming up, the winners and surprises at last night's emmy awards. >> from the memorable staging of the best actress category to all the must-see fashions for better or worse. you're watching "world news now." údúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúúúúúúx
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welcome back. the stars were certainly shining in hollywood last night at the 63rd annual primetime emmy awards. >> joining us from buenos aires, argentina, for a complete wrapup of last night's show is the "world news now" media and music consultant bruno del granado. good morning, bruno. look at you, you little world travelers. >> good morning, linsey. >> let's get right to it. who was the night's biggest winner? >> the biggest winner by far was "modern family." 5 for 5. the first four awards handed out were "modern family." and after the break, jane lynch came back and said, welcome back to the "modern family" awards. how appropriate. >> what do you think was the g biggest moment of the show last night? >> the biggest moment of the show, by far, was the beauty pageant. well, we'll call it a beauty pageant. the best comedy actress pageant where melissa mccarthy and amy poehler and all the other girls got up on stage and all did the whole miss america beauty
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pageant with tiara and roses. and melissa mccarthy was so awesome accepting that award. it was such a beautiful moment. you always talk about these awards being just something that you have to share with your fellow participants. and it really was in this case. i felt like they all won that award that segment. >> i absolutely love melissa mccarthy. she is one of my favorite actresses now and in "bridesmaids" was she not just phenomenal? >> she's amazing. i didn't know she was jenny mccarthy's sister. something i learned today. >> you're kidding. >> that would be funny. that would be some news i didn't know. i love that pep talk she gave in "bridesmaids." that was so funny. i was actually inspired by that. any big surprises of the night, bruno? >> the biggest surprise, i got to tell you "mad men" should have walked away with a couple of awards. it was also another one of the big winners, taking home for the fourth year in a row the best drama series. this, by far is definitely the best drama series on tv. the ratings not great. if "mad men" was on fox or nbc, probably
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would have been canceled three or four years ago. but it is just tremendous. the writing that goes on. the episode that actually got the series nominated this season, the suitcase, has been voted one of the best written episodes of all time. >> do you think that anybody was surprised "modern family" came away with so many awards? >> i don't think so because "modern family" is right now the -- probably not only highest rated sitcom on television network, it revived abc's wednesday night lineup. but it's also got a tremendous cast. the writing is just stellar right now. these guys are on fire. it's such a tremendous, tremendous sitcom. and it has incredible long legs. they are saying this one is going to go for a couple more years. >> i was going to say the writing on that show is absolutely phenomenal. >> you create the awkward moments so well when they just kind of stare into the camera. >> they do. it's almost like it's real in some ways. like they're not acting.
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>> right. >> absolutely. very 21st century when it comes to that. very much where we're at today when it comes to sitcoms and the camera action and all that. >> i don't think america would have been ready for that maybe even two years ago. >> absolutely. you are absolutely right about that. >> so we have to talk about my old buddy charlie sheen. making a little bit of a comeback this whole week and here he is at the emmys. what did you think about his -- >> the biggest shocker was charlie sheen. word started leaking on saturday he was going to appear at the awards. and this morning there was this rumor that the producers of "two and a half men" were trying to get him off -- booted off the show. so the first thing everybody thought was when he walked on stage and said i want to -- before i start, i want to make a comment, i think the television producers were probably sweating bullets. and he just really took the high road. i think he's really on his way to rehabilitating his career. obviously, he had this big comedy central roast tomorrow. but it was the right thing to do.
3:21 am
give props to the show, to the producers, to the actors. and afterwards, he hung out with ashton kutcher backstage and tweeted the fact he was with him. i think he's on his way. i hate to say it but he really is a rising from the ashes of self-destruction. similar to what britney spears did a couple of years ago. kudos to him. >> we have about 20 seconds. what grade would you give jane for hosting? >> jane got a b-plus. hard shoes to fill after jimmy fallon last year. she really managed to pull it off. >> all right. well, thank you so much, bruno del granado, for joining us from buenos aires. we really appreciate it. it was a good emmys.
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♪ ♪ finally, it's time for
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insomniac theater. i'm going to tell ryan gosling who's no doubt watching to cover his ears because he may not like this one. >> a little harsh. >> his film "drive" came in a disappointing third place at the weekend box office with $11 million. was that because people were rushing to see "lion king" in 3d or was the movie just that bad? >> we sent our digital news associate, jason andersen, to the theater to find out. he joins us now. what did you think? >> well, you know, i was honestly surprised because i was expecting this action hero flick, but, instead it was a bad tale of the hollywood stunt car driver which is played by ryan gosling who on the side of in addition to making money as a hollywood stunt car driver he's also a wheel man which helps robbers get away in a getaway situation. and throughout the middle of the movie, he accidentally finds himself in this mob situation where it ends up to be this huge bloodbath. and a lot of people that saw the movie with me had mixed reactions about that. let's take a listen to what they had to say about that. >> i was kind of surprised when
3:26 am
the violence began. very violent. kind of interesting. i didn't like the music very much. and -- about 20 minutes of ryan gosling staring and not saying anything. >> it became too violent and too many people got killed. i didn't like how it turned out. >> i thought it was very good. the acting was great. >> seriously, it's two hours of my life that i'll never get back. it was the weirdest story ever. it wasn't good at all. i'm sorry. thumbs down for this one. >> and i have to totally agree. two thumbs down for me, too. i'm a huge ryan gosling fan. i was prepared to give this movie a huge, high rating. i only gave it 1 star out of 5. there's just hardly any script to the movie. there was a lot of gore. because of the goriness and bloodiness it completely distracted from the plot itself. so very disheartening. very sad to have to give it this rating. >> i love ryan gosling. i think he's amazing.
3:27 am
>> a lot of people said in a lot of different reviews i read, it's very stylistic. the movie definitely has that going for itself. but that's the only thing. you walk away from it going, okay, what just happened except for a bunch of people's heads getting blown off. >> sounds like you agreed with the guy that said, it's two hours of my life i'll never get back. >> seriously. >> it's never a good time when someone says that. >> i sort of wanted to walk out of the movie. >> really? >> you can't. >> maybe the next one "ides of march" will be better with george clooney. >> exactly. yes, he's in a lot of flicks this summer. >> thanks, jason. that's the news this half hour. follow us on faceback.
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this morning on "world news now," breaking his silence. dominique strauss-kahn, who was arguably one of the most powerful men in france, talks publicly about the rape accusations made against him for the first time. >> on french television, he spoke out about the case involving a new york hotel housekeeper and other allegations he's facing.
3:30 am
it's monday, september 19th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm andrea canning. >> i'm linsey davis. rob and tanya are off this morning. dominique strauss-kahn told french television his encounter with a hotel housekeeper was the result of what he called a, quote, moral failing during the interview. he showed his anger toward his accuser. >> also this morning, federal investigators on the scene of the terrible plane crash in reno say they are uncovering even more crucial clues. the world war ii era plane that nose dived friday has been extensively modified. and later this half hour, what a big field trip for the american teacher of the year. you'll see how she's sharing with her students the important lessons she learned in china. but first, he's kept silent since the sexual encounter with a hotel maid back in may.
3:31 am
>> now dominique strauss-kahn is telling french television about his regrets about what happened that day. abc's jeffrey kofman has the details. >> reporter: what happened was more than an inappropriate relation, said dominique strauss-kahn on french tv, adding it was a moral failing. strauss-kahn was one of the most powerful men in the world. but in an instant last may, his world collapsed. he lied, he said, in this, his first public statement about the case. in clearly rehearsed responses, strauss-kahn insisted the sexual relations he had with the chamber maid involved no violence, no aggression, and he. but he clearly feels he has paid in other ways. i've regretted it every day for the last four months, he said, and i am not done regretting it. the alleged victim, diallo, an immigrant from west africa, broke her silence in an interview with abc's robin roberts. she maintains strauss-kahn attacked her. >> he come to me and grab my breasts.
3:32 am
no! he don't have to be sorry. i said stop. i don't want to lose my job. >> reporter: but new york prosecutors found inconsistencies in her story and dropped all criminal charges against strauss-kahn last month. her lawyer insisted she will be proceeding with a civil suit against him. >> but we are going to pursue that case aggressively. we're going to use all of the resources of our firm to hold mr. strauss-kahn accountable. >> reporter: outside this tv studio in paris, a small demonstration by women noting strauss-kahn is now facing allegations of sexual assault in france after a writer came forward insisting he tried to rape her eight years ago. he would only say those claims are imaginary. it was a carefully crafted attempt to rehabilitate his image, but strauss-kahn concedes his life is forever changed. in the interview, he acknowledged he had planned to run for president of france next year, and he was the front-runner. now, he says, that is out of the question.
3:33 am
jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> now some of the details he didn't tell his wife's friend in the interview will likely come out during the civil suit. >> her lawyer blasted that interview and said all the wrong questions were basically asked and that we will ask the right questions when he get him in a room. we'll see if this is working at all with the people in france. also berlusconi in hot water as well. the italian prime minister is refusing to step down, despite yet another sex scandal. in an intercepted phone call, the 74-year-old berlusconi brags about having a line of women outside his bedroom and only getting to sleep with eight of them. the transcript comes from a conversation between berlusconi and a businessman accused of providing him with prostitutes. but so far, many italians have been tolerant. >> most italian men like the idea of a man who, as he grows older, has fewer wrinkles and more hair and plenty of girls. >> berlusconi is also quoted as saying he is prime minister in his spare time.
3:34 am
he is refusing to step down until the next election in 2013, even though opposition leaders are demanding his resignation. we are learning new details about what may have caused that air show crash in nevada. nine people, including the pilot, died in the tragedy. the plane that crashed had undergone major modifications as abc's david wright reports from reno. >> reporter: as federal investigators piece together exactly what happened, their most promising clues may come from a camera that was mounted at the front of the galloping ghost. authorities have recovered a number of memory cards like this that they say may provide images and flight data that could give them important clues into what happened in those final moments before the crash. this was also a crash unlike any other airplane crash. normally you don't have people on the ground taking pictures of it. an airplane as it comes down. here you had hundreds of spectators taking pictures from
3:35 am
a variety of different vantage points. and they tell an interesting story. first, eyewitnesses say as the plane rounded that final clubhouse turn, pieces started to fall off from the tail. the pictures seem to support that. indeed, federal investigators say they did recover components of a plane in the area where eyewitnesses saw something fall. however, they are not able to say just yet whether those components came from the galloping ghost or what they were. finally, there's that picture, the instant before the crash and there's something interesting in that cockpit. you look there and you don't see the pilot whatsoever. and aviation experts are telling us that may be a sign the tremendous g-forces caused 74-year-old jimmy leeward, the pilot, to black out the instant before the crash and may have been unable to steer the plane to safety. the ntsb will be looking at all that information and the faa regulations that supervise the air races like this and making some recommendations. it may be that this kind of event where you have antique planes racing right next to spectators who can't be protected with any protective barrier, may be that these things can't happen -- cannot be
3:36 am
safe at any speed. david wright, abc news, reno, nevada. a freak accident may have caused a deadly tragedy at a speedway north of nashville. five people attending a charity event sponsored by a biker's group were found dead in their camper. police say there were no signs of foul play. it's believed they died in their sleep after inhaling carbon monoxide fumes from a generator. the people who found their bodies were found to have high levels of the toxin in their systems as well. a 57-year-old man in florida is under arrest and facing murder charges this morning. they follow his fatal shooting rampage that left his wife dead and two leaders of his former church wounded. wftv's tim barber reports from lakeland, florida. >> reporter: deputies say jeremiah fogel shot and killed his wife teresa in the living room of their lakeland house. then they believe the 57-year-old ran down the block and opened fire on a prayer service in the greater faith christian church. there were more than 18 people inside. >> i'm totally, completely shocked. >> reporter: investigators say
3:37 am
fogel shot pastor william boss in the head and associate pastor karl stewart once in the ear and two more times in the back when they were both praying.ç that's when church members derrick foster and corey reed tackled fogel and held him down until deputies arrived. none of the parishioners were hurt. >> there's no doubt in our mind that derek foster and corey reed are heroes. they stopped other people from being shot. >> reporter: boss and stewart were taken to lakeland regional medical center and are expected to survive. >> this doesn't make sense. >> reporter: maria buford is teresa's sister. buford's last words to her were happy birthday because she just turned 56 last week. >> fun loving, easy going, get along with everybody. love everybody. everybody loved her. >> reporter: buford says her sister was married to fogel for ten years, and she never expected anything like this to happen. >> why? that's all i can ask. that's it. i can only ask that three-letter word. why? >> that report from tim barber of wftv. police also say fogel had more
3:38 am
ammunition in his pocket and that he was prepared to continue shooting. public health experts in pittsburgh are linking a dramatic increase in child abuse related injuries to the recession. the lead researcher discovered a 65% increase in abusive head trauma cases in small children since 2007. the study released this morning was limited to 422 children in four states, but in all of those areas, unemployment rates were up. a pair of conjoined twins are about to celebrate their 1st birthday apart thanks to a successful operation. the 11-month-old girls from sudan were born joined at the head. successful attempts to separate such twins are extremely rare. but surgeons in london are now calling last month's operation a success. so far, the girls appear to be recovering and are in good health. people in the northeast will see fewer jack-o'-lanterns this halloween, and they can blame it on hurricane irene. farmers say irene's flooding downpours destroyed hundreds of pumpkin patches across the
3:39 am
region. in some areas, wholesale prices have doubled. even before irene, pumpkin farmers were already concerned that earlier rain storms and a fungal outbreak could have impacted the harvest. >> oh, no. i had pumpkin pie last night and tonight. >> so not impacting -- >> hopefully no fungal outbreaks in the pumpkin pie. here's your monday forecast. showers and thunderstorms from detroit to cincinnati. nashville and new orleans. some much-needed rain in houston, san antonio and austin. scattered showers for much of florida. thunderstorms from the northern rockies to north dakota. >> 77 in fargo. 82 in boise. and 100 degrees in phoenix. 70s from minneapolis to kansas city and indianapolis. 67 degrees here in new york. 70 in baltimore, and near 90 in miami. since it's a ladies morning here on "world news now," it's only right to tell you about a record-setting performance from a very young womp >> bravo for golfer lexi thompson who is just 16 years old. she became the youngest winner
3:40 am
of an lpga event yesterday with a five-stroke victory at a tournament in alabama. >> the previous record was set six years ago by a golfer who was 18. thompson called her win and the record the best feeling ever. so congratulations to her. and typical teenager fashion, one of the things she said after she won was, i'm so embarrassed right now. like, i'm totally embarrassed. >> i'm just trying to think back to what i was doing at 16. i was just lucky to get my homework in on time. >> i was like learning how to drive. it's amazing michelle wie didn't win her first lpga until 20. tiger woods didn't win his first pga until 20. that's a pretty major thing she did. >> great career ahead of her. i'd like to get some lessons. >> for sure. we'll be right back with more "world news now."
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with olay challenge that. regenerist day and night duo. the uv lotion helps protect skin and firms during the day. the cream hydrates to firm at night. gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay. ♪ oh, yes it's ladies night ♪ and the feeling's right ♪ oh, yes it's ladies night ♪ oh what a night like they've never had two women on here before or something. >> i like that little tune right there, though. last week we learned s.a.t. reading scores have reached their lowest level in years. so the question is -- are we falling behind other countries like china?
3:43 am
>> the best teacher in america went to china to see what we can learn from them. she told abc what she learned. >> reporter: back to school for students and teachers across the country. but are students in the u.s. getting the education they need to compete globally? national teacher of the year michelle shearer went to china to get a firsthand look at their education system and meet with chinese teachers. >> we all spoke the language of teaching. we share the same concern and the primary goal is the success of our students. >> reporter: by some measures, chinese students have been more successful than american students. in an international standardized test last year, they ranked first in reading, science and math. american students came out somewhere in the middle. >> the no child left behind act. >> reporter: experts and politicians say the education system if this country is in desperate need of reform. >> it's a cookie cutter system that's not allowing our students to move forward. >> reporter: yet when shearer visited china, she found herself bombarded with questions. chinese teachers were looking to the u.s. for inspiration.
3:44 am
>> they would say, wow, our students are so focused on tests. your students have electives and your students can take both vocational and academic courses. they were very, very intrigued by the different options we offer our students here. >> reporter: education secretary arne duncan says the u.s. has a competitive edge over china and many other countries. but he questions for how long. >> other countries are innovative. they are investing. they're not scaling back opportunity. they are increasing opportunity in leaps and bounds. and the jobs of the future are going to go to the countries that are producing the knowledge workers who can succeed in the globally competitive economy. >> they are offering full scholarships to talented students in exchange for a ten-year commitment to teaching in china. >> reporter: the one thing the u.s. is doing that china isn't is trying to educate every single student. chinese teachers were shocked that shearer learned sign language to teach deaf students chemistry. >> we are taking on a task that i'm not sure other countries are in terms of diversity. >> reporter: her international trips are paid for by people to
3:45 am
people ambassadors, a global education travel group. next month, the maryland chemistry teacher will travel to japan to study its education system. shearer says it's unfair to compare the u.s.' education system to china or any other country's for that matter, because there's no perfect system that will solve all the problems in this country. but to better serve students here in the u.s. and around the world, it's clear we all have a lot to learn from each other. abc news, washington. here are her thoughts about technology. she says it's part of the classroom but not at all as important as the educators working in it. >> she makes a lot of sense. coming up, all the surprises and big winners at last night's emmy awards. >> the staging, the fashion statements and the backstage scoop. it's all coming up next in "the skinny." h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny and now time for "the skinny." we are all emmy all the time. right now "modern family" pretty much taking home five awards last night.
3:48 am
they were sweeping it all up with a broom. they got best supporting actress in a comedy series, best supporting actor, directing for a comedy series, writing for a comedy series and, of course, it would make sense then that they got best comedy series. >> go "modern family." and julie bowen looked gorgeous. outstanding drama series, we're looking at kate winslet, but "mad men" took home outstanding drama series again. >> not surprising there either. outstanding variety of music or comedy show, we're talking the same winner nine years in a row. "the daily show with jon stewart." >> love that show. >> congratulations to him. >> charlie sheen making news again in a much different way. the last time i interviewed him, he was a mess, i think it's fair to say. >> are you disappointed you didn't become one of the -- >> the goddesses? >> right. >> i got over it pretty quickly. he presented at the emmy awards to best actor in a comedy series, and he really reached out to ashton kutcher and the people of "two and a half men." this is a much different man
3:49 am
we're seeing than the bitter charlie sheen from months ago. let's take a listen to charlie sheen at the emmys. >> from the bottom of my heart, i wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. we spent eight wonderful years together, and i know you will continue to make great television. >> the question is, do we believe him? >> it seemed like he took the high road. whether he's honest or not, sounded good to say. >> and he's saying it in front of millions. good for him. i'm proud of him. >> sounds like a winner. okay. something else you'll preview coming up for "good morning america," the salahis. what's going on with them? actually, before -- i'm jumping the gun. we're not done with the emmys. >> i'm rushing us off. big fashion trend. the women. we didn't get the memo. i'm in navy, you're in black. but the big trend this year was to wear red and beige. >> can we see some of those pictures?
3:50 am
look at that. look at the red. let's see the beige. >> what do you like better? >> i like the red. the red really pops. >> yeah, looked good. i looked through the pictures and picked quickly my favorite and least favorite people. julianna margulies, i thought, looked super hot. she's one of my favorite actresses of all time, and she won the emmy as well. sophia vergara. do we have any of these pictures so we can show everybody at home? julie bowen looked so fantastic, and jane lynch who really stepped outside of her comfort zone and had the nice ball gown on there. these are my worst dressed. melissa mccarthy. do we have those pictures to show everybody? melissa looked a little boxy. she doesn't have the best figure to begin with, and the dress i didn't feel was very flattering. amy poehler was a little shiny. gwyneth paltrow, what's with the '90s midriff showing dress? and heidi had a little too much fluff going on for me at the bottom. and dianna agron could have done better.
3:51 am
she's a gorgeous woman. >> i jumped the gun before, but what's going on with the salahis? >> she ran off with the guitarist from journey. we'll have more on "gma," a bunch of the housewives castmates have been fired. tareq salahi, he says someone is crank calling him. perhaps his soon-to-be ex-wife. he thought she was kidnapped. there she is with her new man. very bizarre. these people are so immature. i'm sorry, but i can't handle it. >> stay out of tv. >> i could talk about the salahis all day, but we have to go to break. >> we'll watch you on "gma." >> please do. s all day, but we have to go to break. >> we'll watch you on "gma." >> please do.
3:52 am
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3:54 am
here some are stories to watch today on abc news. president obama presents his plan to cut the national deficit today. it calls for $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue and a different tax structure for the richest americans. investigators in aruba will re-enact what gary giordano and
3:55 am
robyn gardner did before her disappearance last month. today, eyewitnesses will help police understand who saw what and when. and a new york lawmaker demanding better standards regarding arsenic found in apple juice. last week, talk show host dr. mehmet oz claimed arsenic levels were too high and launched a big safety debate. finally, the 13th season of abc's "dancing with the stars" begins tonight. and, as usual, it is a colorful cast. take, for example, nba star ron artest. >> or is he really ron artest? actually, his name is now metta world peace. didn't you hear that? >> i did. >> abc's dan kloeffler explains. >> reporter: on monday, nba superstar ron artest will swap the basketball courts for the ballroom floor joining the season of "dancing with the stars." but on friday, he made an even bigger change. artest is out.
3:56 am
metta world peace is in. >> i'll now be known as metta world peace. >> reporter: an l.a. court made artest -- excuse me, world peace's name change official on friday. metta is a buddhist term meaning loving kindness. an enlightened choice for a player best known for his violent basket brawls. he joins a long line of famous name changes. there's fellow athlete and dancing star chad johnson who decided the 85 on the back of his jersey fit better at the end of his signature and chad ochocinco -- that's 85 in spanish -- was born. ♪ then there's prince who changed his name to this. people adapted and simply referred to him as the artist formerly known as prince, until he changed it back to plain old prince again. and, of course, there's sean combs who has had nearly as many names as platinum records. starting with puff daddy, then to puffy, to p. diddy to diddy to swag?
3:57 am
will the new name bring new levels of success? time will tell. but one thing is for sure. with a labor lockout threatening the start of basketball season, maybe a little world peace is exactly what the nba needs. dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. >> perhaps a publicity stunt as "dancing with the stars" kicks off. >> i remember him, i was in indianapolis. interesting guy. everybody will be watching. h@h@@
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news this morning, a bomb shell book. >> the unflattering behind the scenes look at the obama white house that has washington buzzing. dominique strauss-kahn, the first interview since sex
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